And the next time, go upload a shell to your gramma’s website!

During an incident response process performed in our client’s website, one of our analysts found a very interesting web shell. Our tools detected a suspicious file called “./v8.php” and after some time decoding it, we found out that it was a backdoor giving full shell access to the attackers.

The shell itself is very similar to the well known c99 webshell in which provides a variety of commands to manipulate the victim’s website (file structure) and Continue reading “And the next time, go upload a shell to your gramma’s website!”

Not Just Pills or Payday Loans, It’s Essay SEO SPAM!

Remember back in school or college when you had to write pages and pages of long essays, but had no time to write them? Or maybe you were just too lazy? Yeah, good times. Well, it seems like some companies are trying to end this problem. They are offering services where clients pay them to write these essays for you.

The problem is that Continue reading “Not Just Pills or Payday Loans, It’s Essay SEO SPAM!”

Brazilian Protests Leading To Mass Defacements

Lately, Brazil is going through a series of political protests against the current administration and the large amount of over expenses related to the 2014 Soccer/FIFA World cup. When the police started to close down the protesters in the streets, they went online. We won’t go into much more politics, but those online protests recently switched from Twitter/Facebook discussions into a mass defacement of multiple high profiles sites (and Twitter accounts).

It includes the Twitter of Continue reading “Brazilian Protests Leading To Mass Defacements”